WELCOME to Johnson County Missouri Economic Development Corporation’s (JCEDC) website, where you will find fresh ideas, fresh people and a fresh approach.

What does it take to stay ahead of the curve in business today?

What does it take to deal with the pressures of daily life and still find time to enjoy it?

What does it take to keep your business and personal perspectives creative, innovative and fresh?

Many have found what it takes in Johnson County, Missouri.

Johnson County, Missouri’s core assets, fresh ideas and good people help provide an inspired approach for you and your business.

Johnson County, Missouri challenges you to consider the facts.

How many counties can boast of a world-class university, University of Central Missouri; a dynamic and diverse business community and the home of Whiteman Air Force Base and America’s only home
of the B-2 Stealth Bomb wing, all delivered in some of the most livable communities in America?

Only one we know of…Johnson County, Missouri.

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