Position on the JCEDC Board: DIRECTOR

Year Joined JCEDC: 2015

JCEDC Committees & Task Forces

Served On:

  • Finance Committee
  • Business Visit Team

Describe your career and what a typical work day looks like.

After a four year stint with a larger Kansas City bank after college graduation, I came back to my hometown of Holden and began my banking career at F&C Bank. A typical day here involves many conversations with the bank's executive management team as well as other staff members as we monitor the bank's operations, evaluate its performance and make decisions about daily and longer term situations. All of this is geared toward how best to serve our customers and the interests of our shareholders.

What energizes you outside of your career?

I enjoy doing things with my family and friends, which I consider a pretty diverse group with a wide set of interests. I stay active with volunteering with community organizations, JCEDC for example, and my church. All of which allows me to relax outside of work and also keeps me in touch with many things going on nearby.

How is JCEDC valuable to you and your organization?

JCEDC is the one organization that is able to stay focused on all things related to the local economy and the important things tied to the base of jobs here in Johnson County. It nurtures what we already have, making sure no employers or employees are taken for granted, while also keep the community's future economy in mind for expansion possibilities. JCEDC is a great resource for both existing and new businesses.

What have you enjoyed the most about serving on the JCEDC Board of Directors?

I've been able to get a much better feel and appreciation of what drives the nearby economy, which not only includes employers and their staffs, but also to see how the educational community plays a key role in preparing the talent pool we have. It's also been eye opening to better understand the roles that local, regional and state governments play in making Johnson County a great place to live, work and run a business.

What three words would you use to describe JCEDC?

Effective. Well managed. Accountable.

Why do you love Johnson County, Missouri?

I love the county's and its town's non-congested size, its friendly, industrious people and its proximity to either larger city entertainment or to the quiet and beauty of a rural area.