Position on the JCEDC Board: DIRECTOR

Year Joined JCEDC: 2011

JCEDC Committees & Task Forces

Served On:

  • Community Engagement Committee

Describe your career and what a typical work day looks like.

I am not sure there is a "typical" work day in the Clerk's office. Duties include: maintaining the permanent minutes, agendas and records of the County Commission, issuing auctioneer and liquor licenses, administering notary oaths, conducting bids for purchases over $6,000, extending the ad valorum taxes to the Railroad and Utility Companies that own real/personal property in the county, serving as the secretary to the Board of Equalization and the salary commission, maintaining the voter registration rolls, conducting all elections, educating voters on ballot issues/candidates, the election process and deadlines relative to each election, training election judges and overseeing the HR office that handles the payroll and benefits for all county employees.

What energizes you outside of your career?

Spending time in nature, time spent with my family, reading a good book, listening to music or an interesting pod cast.

How is JCEDC valuable to you and your organization?

JCEDC is a vital resource to my office and to the county in general for many reasons. Aside from the work they do to expand the economic growth in Johnson County, they also provide grant and microloan resources to small businesses and workforce assistance to our large employers. JCEDC's membership in regional and state-wide economic development organizations has put Johnson County "in the running" for large projects we would not have otherwise been considered for. They have also assisted the County in the distribution of CARES funds and have helped several public entities with grant applications. Johnson County strives to be an “employer of choice”.  To that end, the JCEDC staff has been an asset to Johnson County by assisting with marketing our positions and benefits to potential employees.

What have you enjoyed the most about serving on the JCEDC Board of Directors?

I appreciate the opportunity to work alongside the other entities that represent the JCEDC Board to ensure that both current and future employers seek out Johnson County as an optimal location for their business.

What three words would you use to describe JCEDC?

Professional, visionary, dedicated

Why do you love Johnson County, Missouri?

As a lifelong resident of Johnson County, I appreciate that we are centrally located to Kansas City, Springfield and Columbia. Johnson County is unique in that we are home to both a University and an Air Force Base. Both of these bring new residents with fresh perspectives to our community regularly. I enjoy the "small town feel" of our community while at the same time watching new businesses locate here and thrive.