Position on the JCEDC Board:

Vice President

Year Joined JCEDC: 2017

JCEDC Committees & Task Forces

Served On:

  • Microloan Committee

Describe your career and what a typical work day looks like.

My career in banking is one where I work every day to help our customers achieve their financial goals. Whether it is helping finance their first car, help buy/build their dream home, or partner with our customers to expand their business, there are no two days that are ever the same!

What energizes you outside of your career?

Outside of my banking career, I really enjoy being able to give back to my community and county. I try to be involved in activities that have a lasting impact for future generations. I always strive to leave things better than I found them.

How is JCEDC valuable to you and your organization?

JCEDC is valuable to F&C Bank and myself as we both want to see increased financial success for all the residents of Johnson County.

What have you enjoyed the most about serving on the JCEDC Board of Directors?

The most enjoyable part of serving on the JCEDC Board has been the opportunity to meet leaders from all parts of Johnson County.

What three words would you use to describe JCEDC?

Steadfast, Relentless, Deliberate

Why do you love Johnson County, Missouri?

The thing I admire about Johnson County, Missouri is how the leaders of all of our communities work together toward the greater good of our County as a whole.