Position on the JCEDC Board: DIRECTOR

Year Joined JCEDC: 2018

JCEDC Committees & Task Forces

Served On:

  • Employer Talent Task Force
  • New Partnership & Revenue Committee

Describe your career and what a typical work day looks like.

My typical days would have been considered atypical before the COVID-19 Pandemic, but we're all learning to adapt. I'm currently serving as the
Johnson County, MO, Public Information Officer during the COVID-19 Pandemic. I led and mobilized a county-wide Joint Information Task Force,
which included emergency responders, healthcare, school districts, the University of Central Missouri, and Whiteman Air Force Base. This committee
is responsible for communicating with our entire county. I lead the strategic planning, marketing, volunteer, and philanthropy efforts for Western
Missouri Medical Center in more typical days.

What energizes you outside of your career?

My greatest calling is being a mom and wife to our family. They are my "why." I also find passion through my personal coaching business to help
women achieve financial freedom, fitness and find a community of support. Finally, the most important habit motivating each day is to have a growth
mindset by leaning into personal development every single day. I start my morning with journaling, exercise, and a book or podcast.

How is JCEDC valuable to you and your organization?

JCEDC is a vital organization that educates our local businesses on available resources, providing resources and driving long-term growth by leading
site visits for organizations looking for new locations, such as Dollar Tree. The success of our county also drives our success as a hospital. It's vital
that our community trusts in us as their healthcare provider. There's no other choice that is more important than who will care for you and your loved
ones. JCEDC is a conduit to helping us stay connected to local businesses to identify evolving healthcare needs and continue to care for Johnson
County residents.

What have you enjoyed the most about serving on the JCEDC Board of Directors?

This board comprises many talented leaders that each brings something different to the table. My role on this board has shaped my passion and
abilities to support Johnson County, Mo. It provides a platform for sharing our community's needs and connects organizations to help each other.
Some of my partnerships through JCEDC have helped me quickly connect with vital leaders during the Pandemic. I feel confident that our county's
camaraderie helped lead to quick action, early adopting of masking, consistently lower COVID-19 cases than surrounding counties, and the county's
support and trust as a whole.

What three words would you use to describe JCEDC?

Growth, Community, Engagement

Why do you love Johnson County, Missouri?

Johnson County, Missouri, will always be home. While I was not born here, it has been the most welcoming community. I'm confident that Johnson
County's welcoming reputation is a direct reflection of our passionate leaders/philanthropist who invest in enhancing our greater community. Being a
transient community, we continually evolve and accept newcomers and new ideas. I'm thankful to call Johnson County, Mo, home.