Position on the JCEDC Board: PRESIDENT

Year Joined JCEDC: 2017

JCEDC Committees & Task Forces

Served On:

  • Infrastructure & Development

Describe your career and what a typical work day looks like.

As Mayor in a small community, my role consists of leading Board of Aldermen meetings, planning and implementing projects and policies, and coordinating city services to improve our community. In addition to serving as mayor, my “real job” is as director of therapy services at Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare in Clinton. My day-to-day duties there include leading our team of physical, occupation and speech therapists.

What energizes you outside of your career?

Outside of my career, I find motivation in seeing others excited about our community and bringing people together toward a common goal. Leading group efforts to improve our community drives me to do more. In addition to community work, my family gives me energy to continue to do more for others.

How is JCEDC valuable to you and your organization?

As a small community, we frequently use JCEDC to assist us in locating grants and funding sources, infrastructure planning, recruiting and retaining businesses, and identifying opportunities for future growth. The JCEDC team jumps in to help us whenever we need assistance and play a crucial role to help us tackle the challenges that arise. Given our small size and limited staff, JCEDC plays a vital role in supplementing the resources that we have available. The value we receive far exceeds our annual contribution to JCEDC.

What have you enjoyed the most about serving on the JCEDC Board of Directors?

For me, the most enjoyable part of serving on the board recently has been seeing the JCEDC team shift gears within days to meet the needs of our local businesses and communities in response to COVID-19. I also truly enjoy discussions about the long-term needs of our county and region and the impact that our organization can have. With our network of committed partners, I believe we are a large enough organization to tackle substantial issues, yet small enough to maintain agility and responsiveness.

What three words would you use to describe JCEDC?


Why do you love Johnson County, Missouri?

Johnson County feels like home. Having grown up here, I’ve always felt that Johnson County is a uniquely positioned region with Whiteman AFB, a strong network of communities and businesses, outstanding educational systems at all levels and truly great, caring people.