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In the past, digital marketing has been a useful strategy but it has really taken the spotlight under the current state of affairs. With in-person interactions occurring much less nowadays, businesses are having to strengthen their online presence in order to thrive, or even survive. Below are a few helpful suggestions on how to reinforce your digital marketing.

  • Research Your Competition
    Do some online detective work to find out what your competitors are offering and how they’re offering it.

  • Find Ways to Make Your Business Unique
    Get creative! Make your business stand out from your competition by leading your marketing with something your competitors are not.

  • Improve Customer Reviews
    Ask customers to leave reviews on social media or your website, then cross-share. Put those positive reviews front-and-center. Studies have shown that consumers or potential clients look to reviews first and make their decision heavily based on reviews.

  • Create Professional Visual Content
    Keep your graphics clean and current.There is data that supports video as the “rock star” of advertising. Try making a professional video about your business and/or services. You can then use this piece to advertise just about anywhere!

  • Improve Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    Being easily found online is key! Make sure your website is optimized for search engines like Google. You can build links through newspaper sites, local blog sites, festival sites, etc. There is a lot of good information on the web for how to improve your SEO. Just “google” it! 😉

  • Develop Email Marketing
    Reaching customers through email is a helpful tool! Before beginning your email marketing journey, however, ensure you know the legalities. Other things to consider would be what your competition is sending out and how to avoid being thrown in the spam folder. 

  • Focus on a Primary Social Media Channel
    Really think about what type of business you are and what your customer base is. Are you primarily business-to-business? Then LinkedIn or Twitter might suit you best. A business-to-consumer type would probably be served best by Facebook and Instagram.

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