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JCEDC Supports Proposition P and Economic Vitality in Johnson County

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President Drew Lewis speaks at the 2018 JCEDC Annual Partnership Appreciation Celebration

Following unanimous approval at the February 28, 2019 meeting of the Johnson County (MO) Economic Development Corporation (JCEDC) Board of Directors, I am pleased to offer our support of the April 2nd ballot measure Proposition P, one-half of one percent sales tax to be used for the purpose of providing funding to support current and future operations of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

The request for the increase is an issue every Johnson County resident will see on their April 2 ballot regardless of which municipality they reside in. If approved, Proposition P would be implemented in 2020 and is estimated to generate at least $2.6 million annually.

Unlike property tax, this sales tax increase would be paid by residents and non-residents through the purchase of goods within the County boundaries. When implemented in 2020, a purchase of $200.00 would increase by $1.00, for a safer county.

The last time a sales tax increase was passed to support the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office was 1993. In 1993, the population of Johnson County was 44,859. Today, that number is estimated at over 54,000. Despite the increase in population and ever-increasing desire for safer communities, the staffing for the Johnson County road deputies has remained the same. The passage of the increase would allow for additional road deputies along with additional jailers and investigators.

JCEDC is an economic development agency that serves the entire Johnson County area. As such, JCEDC is dedicated to the growth and viability of existing business, support and development of entrepreneurs and business attraction across the county.

Again, JCEDC fully supports Proposition P. A safer Johnson County will make the area more appealing to residents, existing businesses, and future businesses, therefore contributing to the economic vitality of the community and surrounding areas.

Drew Lewis
JCEDC President
For more information contact:
Aimee Courtaway, JCEDC
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