Financing Tools

JCEDC can connect businesses with appropriate financial resources - from small startups to existing businesses and industries. 


JCEDC's Microloan Program is a revolving capital resource for Johnson County Startup and Expanding Businesses. This is a "direct" loan program with loans available from $2,000 to $10,000.  The program requires owner's equity as part of the project financing.  As borrowers repay their loans, including principal and interest, these revolving funds are used to make more loans to other businesses to create more jobs and investment opportunities.  For more information, please review the Microloan Program Brochure and Microloan Application or call the JCEDC office at 660.747.0244.


Interest Rates - Fixed at two percent (2%) below the prime rate established at closing, not less than 4%.

Flexible Terms - Financing will be structured to cover the economic life of the asset. For example, up to 3 years for working or operating capital, life of the equipment, and up to five year for real estate. No penalty for early repayment.

Operating Funds - Loan funds can be used for inventory, supplies, operating expenses, equipment, or real estate.

Local Control - Loan decisions are made locally by the JCEDC Micro Loan Committee, which is representative of all of Johnson County.


Microloan Program Success