Small Business Success in Johnson County, Missouri

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102 SE 180 RD, WARRENSBURG, MO 64093


1. Briefly describe Curb Appeal Lawn & Landscaping and the products/services offered.

Mowing, landscaping, snow plowing and irrigation.

2. How did you get started as a small business owner?

I started by passing out flyers and sub contracting for other business in the industry.

3. What was your mission at the start of Curb Appeal Lawn & Landscaping and has that mission evolved over time?

In the beginning it was just going to be a solo operation now it has evolved into employing 5 others and myself.

4. How many employees does Curb Appeal Lawn & Landscaping have?


5. How much time did it take for Curb Appeal Lawn & Landscaping to earn a profit?

We earned a profit the first year but it was nothing to write home about. This is our third season and should start seeing a decent profit this year.

6. What has been a significant challenge that you have faced and overcome as a small business owner?

Hiring help and taking on too much work.

7. As a small business owner, how do you measure success?

When satisfied customers call us back to do more work at their house and employees buying nice things for themselves.

8. What do you like most about owning a small business?

The freedom to take the business in any direction I choose.

9. What piece of advice would you offer to new entrepreneurs?

Always answer your phone and do what you say you are going to do.

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