Small Business Success in Johnson County, Missouri

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1113 SW 500TH RD, HOLDEN, MO 64040

(816) 813-9359


OWNERS: Melissa Ashley and husband Jason

1. Briefly describe Green Meadows Alpaca Ranch and the products/services offered.

We host a Paca Picnic tour and a Farm Stay. Slow down and breathe some fresh country air! Relax on our covered deck! Enjoy the beauty of the alpaca pronking in the field! Get to know some alpacas, sheep & goats! Our farm Stay offers all that and the opportunity to take a dip in the Perma Salt pool or hangout by the fire pit!

2. How did you get started as a small business owner?

We began our Farm Stay in November of 2016 and added alpacas, sheep & goats in March 2017 from there it flourished.

3. What was your mission at the start of Green Meadows Alpaca Ranch and has that mission evolved over time?

Our original goal was to show alpacas with hopes that using them for advertising would draw in guests, but we quickly realized our hearts were drawn to rescue alpacas, sheep, and goats. We absolutely love to share them! They are truly affectionate animals and we love seeing people contact with them.

4. How many employees does Green Meadows Alpaca Ranch have?


5. What is unique about Green Meadows Alpaca Ranch?

Our passion and love for every animal who comes to us. We are a sanctuary, but we never ask for out right donations. Instead we help the animals pay for their own care, by hosting the Farm Stay and Paca Picnic tours.

6. How much time did it take for Green Meadows Alpaca Ranch to earn a profit?

Still waiting.

7. What has been a significant challenge that you have faced and overcome as a small business owner?

Getting the word out locally. Our first 2 years was mostly international guests, it’s just been Covid that more people are looking for vacations more locally. Word of mouth has been our best way of getting the word out. Social media has helped tremendously also.

8. As a small business owner, how do you measure success?

Honestly, every time someone leaves with a smile and a “we’ll be back”.

9. What do you like most about owning a small business?

I was born with a disability so being able to make my own hours has been the absolute best thing about owning my own business. A close second is running it all with my family, it definitely helps us all grow together!

10. What piece of advice would you offer to new entrepreneurs?

Think of your dream and make it a reality. Don’t be afraid to dream big!

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