Small Business Success in Johnson County, Missouri

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1. Briefly describe Jack's Legacy and the products/services offered.

Family/Veteran owned and operated business, we offer hand tossed Pizza made with the freshest ingredients using a 60+ year family recipe. Dough and Sauce made in house to ensure the freshest product possible. We paired the Pizza with a State of the Art "FullSwing" Golf Simulator for the best of both worlds. We have been in business in Knob Noster since February 2021.

2. How did you get started as a small business owner?

After being retired from the Air Force for 7 years we decided to open the Pizza Place. Through my Father in law we were able to acquire the Kitchen equipment from our family Pizza place & Golf Course in Michigan that was started by my Father "Jack" in 1976.

3. What was your mission at the start of Jack's Legacy and has that mission evolved over time?

To make and serve the Best Pizza Possible to our community while supplying an Indoor Golfing alternative for Golfers to practice and play throughout the year while socializing with friends in a "Family Friendly environment".

4. How many employees does Jack's Legacy have?

6 employees plus the 2 owners.

5. What is unique about Jack's Legacy?

We use a 60+ Year old family Pizza recipe while providing a Private Golf Simulator experience on our "FullSwing" Golf Simulator.

6. How much time did it take for Jack's Legacy to earn a profit?

Just finishing our first full year, we were close to break even, on track to show a profit in the second full year of operation.

7. What has been a significant challenge that you have faced and overcome as a small business owner?

With opening during the Pandemic, we ran into regular supply issues, with a lot of supplies being out of stock from our supplier. We were almost dropped by our supplier for being "Small". We overcame this by finding other sources and traveling weekly to Kansas City to pick up needed supplies and using our supplier when needed for the items they have in stock.

8. As a small business owner, how do you measure success?

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 goal! Seeing and hearing from our customers how much they enjoy our Pizza makes it worth doing.

9. What do you like most about owning a small business?

The interaction with the community and the flexibility to do what you think is best for the business.

10. What piece of advice would you offer to new entrepreneurs?

Don't feel like you have to do everything at once. Start with what you know and perfect it, then add to it if you need to. Don't be pressured to do too much too quickly.

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