Whiteman Air force base

whiteman afb, missouri:

The 509th Bomb Wing is part of Air Force Global Strike Command and is the host wing at Whiteman Air Force Base (WAFB), Mo. The Bomb Wing and its fleet of B-2 Spirit bombers serve as part of the Air Force's conventional and strategic combat force. The Bomb Wing can project U.S. airpower anywhere around the world from home station and employ a wide range of precision-guided munitions. The 509th Bomb Wing oversees the 509th Operations Group, 509th Maintenance Group, 509th Mission Support Group and 509th Medical Group, which handle various aspects of the wing's mission.

Col. Daniel C. Diehl, is the commander of the 509th Bomb Wing, Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri. He is responsible for the combat readiness of the Air Force's only B-2 base, including development and employment of the B-2's combat capability as part of Air Force Global Strike Command.

Whiteman Air Force Base in Johnson County, Missouri


As the Top Employer in Johnson County, Whiteman Air Force Base has a large economic impact in the surrounding areas. The Economic Impact Report is posted annually by Whiteman Air Force Base to reflect the impact of personnel, payroll, and expenditures derived from the base.

Below you will find a brief executive summary from the WAFB Economic Impact Report for FY20:

Active Duty Military4,404
Reserve/Air & Army National Guard2,086
Appropriated & Other Civilian2,098
Total Base Employment8,588
Active Duty Military$236,312,908
Reserve/Air & Army National Guard$58,100,433
Appropriated Fund Civilian$60,425,205
Other Civilians$16,724,482
Total Base Payroll$371,563,028
Annual Retiree Payroll$100,165,000
Total Annual Base Expenditures$192,729,005
Estimated Annual Value of Jobs Created$102,297,428
Estimated Total Impact Within Economic Impact Region$766,754,461

(WAFB Economic Impact Region - The Economic Impact Region is defined as the area within a 50-mile radius of an installation and is shown on the graphic above.)

Click here to view the full Whiteman AFB
Economic Impact Report for FY20
(October 1, 2021 - September 30, 2022)


The Whiteman Air Force Base (WAFB) region is home to high quality school districts and post-secondary education. The military has a large impact on the local school districts. Below are 2022 statistics of the largest school districts near WAFB, as provided to JCEDC by School Representatives.


  • 1,200 military connected children in attendance; approximately 70%
  • Knob Noster Schools also operate Whiteman Elementary, a PreK-5th grade building located on Whiteman AFB.
  • In 2017, 2019, and 2021 KNPS was the Recipient of the prestigious Pete Taylor Partnership of Excellence Award through the Military Child Education Coalition.
  • Additionally, in 2019, 2020, and 2021 Knob Noster High School was recognized as the #1 rural school in Missouri for College and Career Readiness by US News and World Report.


  • 610+ military connected children in attendance; approximately 18% of the PreK-12 enrollment, which is around  3,380 students

Comprehensive Programming: As a result of comprehensive, strategic academic program realignment in career and college readiness, Knob Noster Public Schools ranked Number One out of all schools serving the 154 Air Force Bases in the U.S. on a recent study conducted by the Air Force.  The study measured the quality of education offered to Air Force families of our nation.

STEM2 (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, & Manufacturing): Knob Noster School's Engineering and Robotics program has emerged as a national leader, winning multiple national-level awards and recognitions for their academic performance.  KNHS students recently were called upon by the Wing Commander at Whiteman AFB to design, fit/form/test, and manufacture a safety part that is now operational across the $80 billion fleet of B-2 Stealth Bombers.

Aviation: Knob Noster Schools have developed career pathways in aviation allowing students to complete: (1) Ground School Training, (2) Unmanned Aircraft Flight Operations, (3) Private Pilot’s License.  In each of the last two years, multiple KNHS students graduated high school with a private pilot’s license in hand. Likewise, in each of the last two years, KNHS graduates have been accepted for enrollment in the U.S. Air Force Academy.