Workforce Training

There are a range of programs available in Johnson County, Missouri, to encourage business development through workforce training. These programs are designed as an incentive to businesses which require highly skilled workers and often utilize grants for local educational institutions to provide training.


  • Common Name: Customized Training Program
  • Type of Benefits: The Missouri Customized Training Program assists Missouri employers with job training programs and funding to help offset training costs for new and existing employees.
  • Description of Benefits: Training assistance may be available for training costs such as curriculum development, instructional salaries and training materials.
  • Eligible Business Types: Missouri companies providing full-time, permanent employment (a minimum of 35 hours per week) for Missouri residents.
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Missouri Community College New Jobs Training Program

  • Common Name: New Jobs Training Program
  • Type of Benefits: Provide assistance to companies creating a substantial number of new jobs in Missouri.
  • Description of Benefits: The appropriate community college initially finances training through the issuance of revenue certificates. Proceeds are used to reimburse the company for training related costs. The certificates may be repaid up to approximately eight years using tax credits from the employer’s regular withholding taxes that are paid for the employees in the newly created jobs.
  • Allowed Uses of Benefits: Funding can be used toward reimbursement for the training and costs associated with the creation of new jobs.
  • Eligible Business Types: Businesses with a sound credit rating currently located in or locating to Missouri engaged in interstate or intrastate commerce for the purpose of manufacturing, processing, or assembling products are eligible. Companies that conduct research and development or provide services in interstate commerce are also eligible.
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